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The National Association of Ticket Brokers (NATB) was formed in 1994 by a group of concerned ticket brokers who desired to establish an industry-wide standard of conduct and to create ethical rules and procedures to protect the public and foster a positive perception of the industry. While the goals of the NATB are many, our primary goal is to represent the interests of legitimate ticket brokers by promoting consumer protection and educating the public about our industry. This is done by assuring the public that when dealing with an NATB member, they are working with an honest, reliable broker that will deliver what is promised. In addition, the NATB has created a platform that allows the public to report unethical conduct by ticket brokers.


Learn what it means to be a member of the NATB, what that means for consumers, and about The 200% NATB Fan Guarantee. Why NATB →

The NATB supports a variety of charity initiatives, learn about our current endeavors. NATB Gives Back →

The National Association of Ticket Brokers is governed by an elected Board of Directors, see who they are and who represents your area. View The Board of Directors →






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The National Association of Ticket Brokers (NATB) is a non-profit trade association that advocates for the rights of ticket buyers and its membership, which is composed of ticket sellers in the secondary market. NATB believes that a vibrant resale marketplace serves the best interests of people who attend concerts, sports, and other live events, backed up by our 200% NATB Fan Guarantee

Brokers who belong to NATB are there to help you, guided by a Code of Ethics that ensures consumer protection, and a Bill of Rights for ticket buyers.

NATB was organized in 1994 and is governed by an Executive Board of Directors with representatives from each region of the United States, and Canada. Officers and Directors are elected every two years, and the Board of Directors runs the organization with meetings throughout the year.

NATB does not sell tickets, nor do we recommend with which NATB member you should do business. We do recommend that you profit from the benefits that our Members provide to you in adhering to our Code of Ethics.

We believe that free market pricing of tickets (buying and selling at actual market value) is the best way our Members may acquire hard-to-get tickets for their clients, and that ticket owners possess the same right to buy and sell or give away.

Finally, NATB is conscious that there is life outside of our favorite sports team or performers. It encourages our Members to be good neighbors in their communities. Our NATB Gives Back program raises money and lifts spirits for worthy causes.

Check our Membership Directory to find a reputable NATB ticket broker by company name, city or state.

We are good at our word. If you feel one of our Members has not fulfilled its obligations as prescribed in our Code of Ethics, go to our Consumer Complaints Page to have your concerns addressed.

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