Have you read our Code of Ethics and do you agree to sign to uphold them? Further that you will agree to be bound and a party to our Complaint Procedures should any complaint be filed against you. Be aware that the NATB reccommeds each member be bonded to insure payment to consumers should there any problems contrary to the NATB Code of Ethics?

If you qualify and you're ready to throw your hat in the ring for consumer protection and the helping to advance the Ticket Brokering industry on a National Level, then click here and print a membership application. You won't regret stepping up, and as a New Member of the NATB getting all the benefits that membership brings.

NATB offers:
  • Access to expert legal counsel and a competent team of professional lobbyists representing you in Washington DC.
  • A national forum, via association meetings, that is open to all members where you can exchange ideas among your peers to improve your bottom line and voice your opinions on the activities of the Association. (And have a great time at our now annual Las Vegas meeting.)
  • A national network of reputable ticket brokers who the public can look to in confidence for all their ticket needs.
  • A Membership Directory on our website with a direct link to each member's website.
  • Access to upload your tickets to the NATB Ticket MarketPlace, which allows members to post their inventory so consumers can purchase directly from an NATB member.
  • Access to our members' only section of our website which includes state legislation and statutes, news articles relevant to the industry, as well as a forum to unveil scams being perpetrated against our industry.
  • An Ethical Complaint committee to settle disputes between customers and brokers, and a forum for complaints between brokers.

To Become a Member, Fill out the membership application which you can print out on your computer and mail it to the NATB offices (address below)  with your payment in full. Your annual membership fees are based on the schedule below by the number of people you employ. They are as follows:

1 to 3 Employees     $1075
4 to 6 Employees     $1400
7 +     Employees     $1725

Note: When applying, please submit a full year's membership fee. Your second years fees will be prorated according to the month that you were originally accepted into membership.

If you have questions about current membership dues contact:

Terry Stevenson
AMS - Association Management Systems
214 N. Hale St.
Wheaton, IL 60187
Phone: (630) 510-4594      Fax: (630) 510-4501