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Press Release - Ticketmaster's Recent Misleading Comments Yet Another Reason to Block Merger
December 14, 2009

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NATB: Ticketmaster’s Recent Misleading Comments
Yet Another Reason to Block Merger

WASHINGTON: The National Association of Ticket Brokers (NATB), the non-profit trade association dedicated to protecting consumers and the secondary ticket market, today released the following statement from Ken Solky, NATB’s president, in response to recent media placements by Ticketmaster claiming that fans have access to the full amount of tickets available.

“Consumers should not buy the snake oil Ticketmaster is trying to peddle.  Ticketmaster tries to suggest there is an open market where artists, promoters, and venues control the supply of tickets for events.  But that’s just a half truth, par for the course for Ticketmaster.  What they don’t tell you is that Ticketmaster owns or controls many of these sources of tickets, since they own Front Line Management that represents numerous artists.  That control will be even more overwhelming if they are permitted to merge with the largest venue management company, Live Nation.

“Ticketmaster paints the myth that ticket brokers are an obstacle to competition.  They are simply wrong.   Ticket brokers actually acquire relatively few tickets and sell a very large portion below face value.  A very large quantity of the best tickets are never even offered for sale to the average fan by the artists, venues and promoters.

“Ticketmaster is once again leading the public to believe their paperless ticketing effort is a benefit to fans, when it’s actually just another one of their anti-competitive efforts designed to prevent any transfer of tickets by fans….unless they get to charge another fee.

“These are all key factors as to why the Department of Justice should block the merger and any further monopolistic power.  It’s time for fans and industry alike to stand up to the ticketing giant and demand real transparency into their operation, not their spin.”

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